If you find that you want to live in the store (we do!), we can help you create the home of your dreams. With 40+ years of combined experience, our emphasis is expressing your personal style in a way that works for the needs of your household. We love rooms that not only look fantastic, they are pleasing to be in...lush textiles and cozy blankets, yummy candles, good lighting for setting the mood and working under, furniture that is good-looking and practical to use. Maybe you just need a little organizing and to fall in love with your space...From styling and feathering your nest to project managing for complete overhauls, we offer style & design services at reasonable hourly rates or by the project. Design services for rental or photoshoot staging also available.

(b.living believes that the house you live in should reflect who you are. Believe in yourself, b.living can help.)

When you are ready for a change, b.living offers select consignment services. Inquiries and potential submissions are invited to contact us by email:info@blivingstore.com.