Our Magnet Fishing Beginings

What Is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing uses a strong neodymium magnet attached to a rope to uncover lost objects beneath the water, you cast your magnet into a body of water and let it sink to the bottom, you can then then pull and drag the rope to move the magnet and search the area.
If the magnet has encountered anything magnetic then when it is pulled from the water you will see it attached to either the side or usually the bottom of the magnet where the greatest pulling force is.

Finds can be anything from coins, tins, watches, keys, and if you have a powerful enough magnet, tools, signs, and bicycles.

How We Got Started.

We first got introduced to magnet fishing through our friend Sam who was part of the local dipping club, so named after the technique they use to dip the magnet on the riverbed to uncover objects.

Deciding to purchase our own kit for the next outing was easier said than done as we were unsure what equipment we needed to get started, what strength magnet, rope thickness or what level of protection gloves we should have. The kits available either had weak magnets or thin gloves so ended up trying to piece together bits from here, there and everywhere. It was an odd assortment which unfortunately cost more doing it that way but was ready for the next meet.

After explaining our troubles to Sam he said that he'd found himself in a similar situation when he started as did a number of others in the group, throughout the day we all mused and discussed what an ideal magnet fishing kit would contain, the list grew and became evermore detailed to include these features.

A magnet strong enough for all situations, a great all-rounder to tackle rivers, open waters and even the sea. A solid magnet core instead of just a thin magnetic topper housed in a robust steel shell to protect the magnet from knocks.

A much thicker rope, a third thicker even double the thickness of most to support such a well built magnet and the roughness of the sea, double braided for strength with the ends bound and sewn together holding the carabiner firm.

Gloves which were waterproof with a friction coating to make wet objects easier to grip and the rope easier to pull, highest level cut protection so you're not caught out by a surprising sharp edge or pointed corner.

Conversation soon changed from the essentials to the accessories, the things you don't immediately think of but make so much sense when out there and that you're pleased to have.

Things like a bag to keep all the smaller finds together as all to often these can become lost again throughout the day, a bag that can be easily opened & closed, a bag that allows water to drain, a bag that is cushioned to soften the edges of keys or buckles.

A place to store all the gear when not in use, all kept together and ready to grab & go when needed, a robust case that travels well and can handle all the elements you experience with the Great British weather.

It was soon clear that our wish list had the very best of each item and quality was highly praised among the experienced group, nothing on the market was even remotely close to our dream kit which soon sparked an idea. What if we were to create this ultimate magnet fishing kit?

So with our list of requirements an eager and willing group of testers we set about doing just this. With a bit of trial an error we managed to achieve the lofty task of bringing the ideal magnet fishing kit to life!